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Hello World!

From studying how humans behave, think, and feel in the real world to studying how humans behave, think, and feel in the digital world.

I am a former psychology student set to discover and create digital solutions that will actually relate to the human mind.

I have an addiction to helping simplify user experience and making people's lives easier! It will all be "Elementary, My Dear Watson!"

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My Story


Ever since I was a little kid, I was taught to be empathetic toward others. I was raised to help others in need in any way I can. Whether it was in a retail space, in digital marketing, or with my love for psychology and mental health, I felt that I was able to make the strongest impact on people’s lives by showing compassion.

I remember I was discussing my interests with a friend, how I like to research and understand human behaviour, how I enjoy finding a balance between business and consumers, and how I have a passion for helping others. I was searching for a field that involves finding solutions to improve someone’s quality of life. I was suggested to look into UX Design as it stems from psychology. As it turns out, a lot of what I’ve done during my undergraduate studies was basically what UX design is. Fast forward some time, after various seminars and an intro to UX design courses, here I am now—an aspiring UX designer looking to research and design innovative solutions with empathy.

Always approaching a problem space with an open mind, I believe my passion for helping others along with my experience working in collaborative environments, is what keeps me going, a never-ending desire to create human-centered designs that provide meaningful experiences to others.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's chat!

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